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UniView lets you view, convert and manipulate all kinds of images easily!
UniView v1.65 Main Features:
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  • Support more than 50 popular image formats, including raster, vector and animated images:
    *.PLT(HPGL & HPGL/2), *.DXF, *.GIF(including animated GIF), *.JPEG, *.JPG, *.BMP, *.TIF, *.TIFF(including multipaged TIFF), *.TGA, *.PCX, *.PNG, *.WMF, *.EMF, *.DIB, *.WBMP, *.AVI, *.ICO, *.PCD, *.PSD, *.PSP, *.CUR, *.ANI, *.CUT, *.DCX, *.EPS, *.HG, *.HGL, *.HPG, *.IMG, *.JFIF,
    *.JPE, *.MAC, *.PBM, *.PCC, *.PDD, *.PGM, *.PIC, *.PLO, *.PPM, *.RGB, *.RGBA, *.RLA, *.RLE, *.RPF, *.SCR, *.SGI, *.SLD, *.VST, *.PTF, *.AFI, *.BW, *.CEL, *.CIF, *.UFO.
  • Provide encryption function so that you can encrypt your private image collections and
    view them only when the correct passwords are entered.

  • Support full play control of the animated images(including animated GIF, AVI files and ANI
    images) just like Windows Media Player. Moreover, you can grab frames in the animated
    images and save them as other formats.

  • Support to convert and rename image files in batch. You can specify different conversion and rename rules as you like, and UniView will do everything automatically for you in one minute.

  • Integrate HTML Album Generator to create attractive photo albums that can be easily published on the Internet.

  • Provide 140+ special effects and three sequencing modes in slide show so that you can view a sequence of images automatically and please both the eye and the mind.

  • Support to manage image files, including copy, move, delete and rename.

  • Support to setup page and printer properties before printing. You can also preview the images in the page.

  • Scroll, manual and auto zoom, rotate, thumbnail mode and full-screen mode features allow you to view your images the way you want.

  • Support to set the image for the desktop wallpaper as centered, tiled or stretched. You can
    also restore the old wallpaper.

  • Support Drag & Drop operations on files.

  • Support to associate and deassociate files with specified types. Undo feature is also supported.

  • Support to change the display mode dynamically.
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