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What's New in UniView 1.65

Version 1.65(Download)
- Support to manage image files, including copy, move, delete and rename.
- Fix the problem in processing incorrect DT commands.

Version 1.64
- Support thumbnail display mode.
- Support to change the image backgrounds automatically.
- Fix the incorrect zoom information in the status bar when autofitting images.

Version 1.62
- Support to setup properties of the print page.
- Support to preview the images in the print page.
- Add more hot keys.

Version 1.6
- Support RTL commands in reading HPGL graphics.
- Add line width control in displaying HPGL graphics.

Version 1.56
- Save environmental settings automatically.
- Fix a bug in viewing animated GIFs.

Version 1.55
- Add HTML Album Generator which can help create html albums easily and quickly.
- Adopt a very fast hash table in batch converting/renaming files.
- Optimized graphic operations in special effects of slide show.

Version 1.53
- Support to restore the old wallpaper.
- Add three special effects to slide show, i.e. Lattice, Reveal diagonal block from left, and Reveal diagonal block from Right.

Version 1.52
- Support to preview the special effects in slide show before selecting them.
- Add advanced features to associate, deassociate(including undo feature) file types with UniView.

Version 1.50
- Support following new image formats:
- Support to encrypt and decrypt the image files. Four popular encryption algorithms are supported(i.e. Blowfish, Twofish, Cast128 and Rijndael).
- Support to convert and rename image files in batch. Very flexible rules in conversion and rename are supported.
- Add 140+ special effects in slide show.

Version 1.23(Download)
- Support following new image formats:
*.AFI;*.VST;*.TGA;*.PNG;*.PCC;*.DCX;*.TIFF(including multipaged TIFF);*.TIF;*.GIF(including animated GIF);*.WMF;*.EMF;(And convert GIF into AVI format).
- Support to set the image for the desktop wallpaper as centered, tiled and stretched.
- Support to convert image files from one format to another in batch.
- Support Drag & Drop operations on files.
- Support
to change the display mode dynamically.
- Support to associate file types with UniView.

Version 1.00(First release)
- Support following image formats: *.BMP;*.GIF;*.PCX;*.JPG;*.ICO;*.PBM;*.PGM;*.PPM;*.MAC;*.IMG;*.PCD.
- Support slide show, scroll, manual and auto zoom, rotate and full-screen mode features in viewing images.

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